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Went to Florida and sent my truck in for a spa week!

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We went on vacation for a week and I decided to send my truck to the detailer while I was gone. I have a Black 2009 silverado quad cab LTZ and you know how black gets to look, but looks amazing when clean. I regularly wash it and hand wax it, but you can still see swirl marks. I wanted that deep black shine without the imperfections when the sun hits it. I sent it to Rundles detailing near Lacrosse Wisconsin. He actually came and picked it up from my house an hour away from his shop before I went on vacation. I picked it up today and it far exceeded my expectations!!!!!!!! I highly recommend them. I wanted a complete clay bar treatment and a buff and polish. Thats it! I told him not to bother with the engine compartment or inside of the truck since it was already pretty clean. He actually cleaned the engine compartment anyways better than I ever have. Looks better than it probably did coming out of the factory! He did the inside also and it smells like brand new leather. Truck paint looks like black glass!! Absolutely amazing!! The black has depth now and NO SWIRL MARKS. HE EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO CLEAN THE BED!! I didn't expect that. Smelled like fresh paint when I walked into the shop though to find out he painted the wheel wells/frame/leaf springs, the outer undercarriage frame that you see from the side and the rear axle and differential cover!! WHHHHHAAAAAAAT!! My truck has never looked this good and I am pretty anal about cleaning. All I can say isthat I would highly recommend them!




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