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Need some help with overhead monitor install

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2005 burb, 9 passenger seating (e..g no rear RSA console - so the aux rear HVAC control is in the overhead lighting console for the second row). Picture follows.


I am looking to install a fairly large flip down monitor (already purchased) there.





1) the fact the rear control unit is located here (the black box) i could just stuff it in there or remount somehow, but...


2) when the aux control is disconnected, the front control doesn't operate it at all.


3) the white plastic support is a bit awkward. however, it feels fairly sturdy and i might be able to fab some spacers to make it work. Or i could try to cut it out?



Any help / ideas would be appreciated :)




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I'm not sure how the area looks specifically, but the usual way to mount a flip down is to drop the headliner a bit, screw a wooden board to the roof supports in as many locations as possible, then mount the flip down to the board. The HVAC/AUX controls is another obstacle all together. If you had pics it would help a lot.

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