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Readylift 4"

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Just wondering if anyone has this ? I have read up on it and it seems like a nice bolt on kit that id designed well and has the proper parts like a diff drop , new skid plate , upper CA'S , shock extenders , ect....


They are a site sponsor , so wondering if anyone has one.


Pro's / con's

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Not a top shelf kit, and technically not designed well. Without a subframe there is nothing to correct LCA and TRE angles. There is a reason it's so cheap when compare to properly engineered 4" kits like BDS, Rancho, etc. I wouldn't put it on my truck.

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I'll have to update my sig. I have a 2.5" front and a 1" lift in the rear at the moment. I guess if I do go 4" i will do a pro comp . I probably leave it alone though. Just need to get the rim tire thing figured out.

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i would NOT do a procomp EVER. and i would be willing to bet money that if i pulled up next to you and you looked over my truck you would never ever notice that i have a 1.5 body lift on it. i have had several customers all over my truck looking at the wheels and various other things i've added and every last one is shocked when i tell them it has a 1.5 body lift. if you're still against it that's your loss

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