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Which fuse?

just ducky


I have an '09 Silverado, equipped with a manual shift on the floor for four wheel drive. Recently I've noticed that the "idiot lights" on the dash when I engage the four wheel drive is not coming on. The four wheel drive is actually engaging...we've had snow recently and I've used the 4 x 4 and can feel the front end driving. Also, the light for the "positive traction" feature is not lighting either...the recent snow has had that kicking in as well.


The rest of the dash lights appear to be working fine, so I'm assuming it's the fuse that controls these lights. I've looked through the owners manual in an attempt to determine which fuse is blown, but frankly I can't determine which one controls these lights? Again, the rest of the dash lights appear to be working fine. Any help in pointing me there, like possibly showing me a better diagram than the one in the owners manual? Or better yet, just tell me the number of the fuse that corresponds to these lights and I'll switch it out?

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brakes have nothing to do with the lights ,


take it in ,your thinking waaaay to deep here and have no idea how the truck works,,


you have a cluster concern....get it diagnosed by a shop that knows the truck like a dealer.


buy an online service manual and start reading ....alldata.com $25/yr

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So then this means???? If both the 4 x 4 and the positive traction seem to be working, should I be concerned about the lights not operating? Does it indicate some other kind of problem (note that I posted a separate question about a recent brake concern)?

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