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2007 to 2011 LC9 5.3 differences?



Was hoping someone might be able to tell me what exactly is actually different between a 2007 lc9 ( vin 3) 5.3 and the same engine from a 2011.....to clarify...I have a 2007 suburban that needs new engine....would like to use one available to me from a 2011....local dealer and GM powertrain contact center both say they do not directly interchange.....I need to find out what the actual difference is....injectors? Intake manifold? Electronic throttle body? Wiring harness?...sensors? Coil packs? Or something major that I'm missing?...I can swap anything from the 07 to the 2011 if need be....will I end up with some kind of software compatibility issue?......also the 2011 engine would include the throttle body/ accelerator pedal/ wiring harness(uncut). And the ECM.....if it helps last eight of 07 burban is "7J183855" and last eight from potential donor truck is "BZ204371".....any light anyone could shed on the subject would be greatly appreciated ....thanks in advance

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The addition of vvt. Remove it from the 2011 engine and you will be good to go. May as well do a cam as the vvt cam will be kinda useless anyhow. And... dump the afm at that point too. If you want an oem swap... well an oem non vvt cam in this engine or just buy one that was built for a 2009 or older model year truck.

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