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UPDATE: Popular Items Back In Stock, Some Items Still OOS

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on items that we just received in and some items that are still out of stock:

Merino Wool Wash Pads - just received and processed, they'll be ready to ship starting today. If you have a backorder for one of these it will be shipping as well.

All Purpose Cleaner Gallons - our most recent batch is done and bottled, ready to start shipping today. If you placed an order and it was backorder it will be shipped today.

Boars Hair Wheel Brushes - we got a small shipment of these in and orders will be filled on a first in / first out basis. If you have a backorder it will be filled in the order they were received. Until we get caught up on the demand these will not be available for purchase individually.

Great White Towels - same scenario here... we have a few in house to help start filling backorders, but not enough. If you have an older BO for a great white we will get yours out starting today until we run out. Hopefully the rest will be arriving soon.

Interior Brushes - still a hold on these.... we should see our delivery on the next round of brushes this week and will begin filling backorders immediately.

Machine Super Sealant - back in stock and ready to ship. Backorders have been processed and you should see your product soon.

If you have a question on a particular order or item please shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to update you on the status.

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