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Options on Standard Cab for 2015 ?

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Question on options for the standard cab:


www.gmc.com lists rear wheelhouse liners as an option on an SLE, but I don't see that option on www.chevrolet.com. Does the dealer ordering guide for Chevy list this option?


I don't see any option for a sliding rear window. I have that option on my 1984 C-10 standard cab 6'6" bed, and would like it on a new truck. Again, does the dealer ordering guide say anything about a sliding rear window option?


Thanx, Lee

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Thank you to both of you for the answers. I will miss my sliding rear window - I wonder if there is an aftermarket version available from some vendor ? ? ?


I did find the GM Fleet on-line ordering guide at:



A veritable WEALTH of information for anyone planning a custom order truck.


And to 355HP Z71 - great looking truck in your avatar.

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