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Service Battery Charging System

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Hey guys, I've come across my first problem with my otherwise flawless 2010 Silverado 1500. I was detailing it and let the battery die. The way that it died in my garage it was impossible to get another vehicle in there to jump it. Long story short, I was going to pull the battery from another vehicle and install it but halfway through I decided that was too much work and I'd just buy a trickle charger. Somehow in there I managed to ark the cables and a rather large spark/pop occurred at the cables. Now, 3 day later... I attempted to jump it. It started and I thought all was well until I pulled the cables and it immediately died and a "Service Battery Charging System" warning came up. The alternator was all good up to this point so I don't think the alternator is bad itself and the battery will hold enough charge to run for 15ish seconds. Is there a fuse that works the alternator that I'm missing? I know there's one on the cable itself and it's fine and I've checked a bunch of fuses (any that make since to me to check) and they've all be fine.

So, what are your thoughts? Anything?



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