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03 Silverado 5.3L A/C blows cold then hot.

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Let me start off by saying hello. This is my first post to the forum. My 2003 Silverado 5.3L 127K miles A/C blows hot air. It seems to work in the morning and early afternoon when the temp is 70-90 degrees. But, it blows hot air when It gets warmer than 90. It seems like the compressor is not kicking on. I pulled the small 10amp fuse and the big gray block fuse. Both looked to be in good shape. When I started the truck back up the compressor kicked on and the air was cold for about 2 minutes. I have read on other forums that I should replace the Clutch Cycling Switch part # 89040362 I found a TSB that stated that could be the problem. I am just wondering what other parts I should replace? I saw something about replacing the plug that goes into the “silver canister by the firewall.” I also looked today and saw that there are two plugs that go into the front of the canister. One is plugged in and one is just hanging there. Anyway sorry for the short novel but it’s 100 degrees here in fresno and I build/service swimming pools and it sure would be nice to have A/C when I get in the truck in the afternoons.


Thanks for the help,


Tom Shepard

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Do you have dual zone climate control?


On my truck one side stays blowing cold and one side will go hot. In my case I need to replace the motor that controls the damper on the one side. Can't remember the name off the top of my head though. On my truck there are three I believe.


If the compressor is not kicking on and it is supposed to, a simple test with a volt meter should tell you if a switch isn't working. If you have voltage to the switch then it should work.

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