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Enlarging dash opening?

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I'm going to be replacing my single remote cd with a new 6 disc changer from an Escalade (retaining the factory Theftlock head unit) and will have to cut the hard plastic bezel about 1/2 inch on each side of the existing opening to get it to fit.


What should I use to enlarge this opening so that it's nice and clean and doesn't look like I did it in the dark with a screwdriver?


I'm thinking of making a template to that I have the exact width and the roundness of the corners for the new unit then using a Dremel to very slowly increase the opening.


Any other suggestions?

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I would say a Dremel is your best bet. Make sure you get the right bit .. I'd suggest something like the Rotozip style of bit. It's fast, clean, and also very sharp. Also, since you're working in plastic, be aware it's very easy to generate too much heat and start melting the plastic. Then you have another problem to fix.

However, the key here is to take your time, do it right and plan it out. A template is an excellent idea to help make the cut.

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