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I live in Baton Rouge, LA. I have a question / idea.


My father owns an 85 Vette and he is a member of the BRCC (Baton Rouge Corvette Club). I think he only pays $25.00 annualy for membership. I have been w/ him to several of their functions (poker runs, fund raisers, etc) and had a good time. The members of this club love their cars and have fun at the events / get-togethers.


Question - are there any clubs for us truck guys in LA? :withstupid:


Idea - if there are no clubs, I was thinking of starting one for guys who love their GM trucks as much as I do! I'll just hop in the greyghost to go for a ride sometimes b/c I love to drive it! :lurk: Maybe LAGMTC (LA GM Truck Club)?


Would anybody be interested? Name or event suggestions?


Thanks in advance :cheers:

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Try www.LAtruckscene.com. Its not an all GM truck site, but it is a Louisiana truck site and there tends to be a lean towards the General. Im not part of any clubs on there yet (don't have the time) but everyone there is really great.

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Hey thanks for the referral ShadowFax.


I know there use to be an all s-series club called Louisiana Trend Setters, but they just opened up to all models.


It is hard to keep a club all of one make or model and try to make it work, due to the fact that there are so many clubs already established and already have a lot of members.


But good idea.

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