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GM College Rebate

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Can somebody please explain to me how the program works. My wife qualifies and has the authorization number so just wondering what price advantages it has.


I see under the offer section on the site they have $4500 cashback on the 1500 Sierra Double Cabs. I've found the truck I want but still waiting on the dealership to confirm what price they can do with college rebate. Just wondering if its even worth it. 



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Usually a volume dealer/non-gouge dealer can beat the College Discount. The College discount is a percentage depending on vehicle but for something in the $35-40k range its usually only $1,500 bucks or so. 


Its more something to use at a gouge dealer that only shows crap like -$500 off vehicles on their websites. Here is an example of a non-gouge dealer in my area ( www.autonationchevroletarrowhead.com ), you'll see the "Autonation Savings" on vehicles is often way more than $1,500 or so. They won't let you stack a College Discount on those prices since they are likely already applying Employee Pricing discounts to everything to take that much off.


For those that do think the College deal is a good discount or can get a dealer to stack it, but you DON'T go to College, all you need is an .edu email. Very easy to get. You don't even need to sign up for classes, just register at a college as an "interested party" or whatever. I know ASU allows this.

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