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Build and Price for CANADA now up

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Yikes.  I tried to build an Elevation similar to my 2018, and the "Before Package Savings" price is $7k higher. 


Next, I tried to build something similar to my 2018 Elevation, but started with a "Sierra" trim, instead of Elevation.  That gets a front end that looks awkward, with an unpainted black bumper, and a chrome grille surround, but a price that is comparable to my 2018.


Then, I tried to build a Silverado RST, and that was a bit too expensive.


Then, I built a Silverado Custom, and got a truck I liked, at a nice low price, but could not get a 2 speed transfer case, which I would prefer, but might be able to accept going without it. 


Finally, I tried a Silverado Custom Trailboss.  That loses the painted front bumper, and replaces it with black, which is not my preference, but it does not look terrible, so I could probably accept it.  As for the two inch lift, it looks really good, so I think I'd be happy with it.  The price stayed within reason.


So, in conclusion, for the (before discount) price of my 2018 Elevation, I could not build a 2019 Sierra I really liked.  I could build a 2019 Silverado Custom, or Custom Trailboss within budget (after decent incentives hit the T1).


Which would I ultimately get?  I'd go with the Silverado Custom.  Keeping the price low, while maintaining an attractive appearance is important to me.  I'd have to give up a two-speed transfer case, but with a 5.3 V8, I think it has enough torque to get me by.  The Silverado Custom is a good looking truck, and seems to be a very good value.


Am I still happy I bought a 2018?  Yes.

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Built the the truck (LTZ) that I would  order  …...69 500.00 $  ouch!


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Built a custom trail boss 5.3L crew cab short box. Comes to 49k. Almost the same price as my current double cab before the incentives 

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