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Hopeful new owner

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Good Evening,


I am hoping to pick up a new Silverado next week when I return to town. I was looking for a basic work truck with base V6, 4x4, and a back seat - no frills. I ended up signing paperwork on a black 2019 Custom 4x4 Double Cab with the 4.3 EcoTec. The dealer should be ordering and installing a tonneau cover and trailer hitch before I pick it up.


Coming from a sedan with bells and whistles, moving back into a basic truck will be a bit of a challenge at first, but even basic vehicles have more tech than some upscale cars had 10-15 years ago. Besides, I grew up in the 70's - 80's when even A/C was a luxury, so I'm perfectly happy with today's basic trim levels. Even the base V6 engine has more torque than the old 4.8 V8 used to have and for my use will do fine. For me, the meat is 4x4, A/C, power locks and windows, and a back seat; everything else is dessert. 😉


I have read many opinions regarding the aesthetics of the new Silverado, and most are not flattering. I must be one of the weird ones who actually likes the new look, especially the models with body-color bumpers. It's nice to see Chevy actually taking a bold step beyond the basic square block for a change.  Hopefully more people will warm up to it and drive up sales.


Anyway, glad to be here, and glad to be getting back into a truck again. I hope to post up some pics when it arrives home.




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