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Replacement Side Mirrors

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Hello All,


Quick question.  Both of my outside mirrors on my 2004 Silverado 2500HD are shot - I have electrical tape holder the driver's side glass in.  These are the smaller electric extending side mirrors.  They are quite expensive to replace +$300 each.  These are my second pair.


Any recommendation on a viable alternative to these I like the taller ones that have the two panes of glass.  I am okay with manual extending but would like whatever I use to have the turn indicator and be heated due to the winters where I live.


Any recommendations/experience with swapping out for a different type?


THank you  

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Actually, I have had good luck with stick on Adhesive backed replacement mirrors.  The are just a piece of glass mirror that fits directly over the cracked mirror. Mine have been on for over three years, with no problem, and even defrost/defog in our harsh winters up here in MN. Gogle your vehicle Dorman makes them for almost every vehicle.

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