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Lifter problems on 5.3 L and 6.2 L engines, 8 cylinder

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WE had the unfortunate problem to have the lifter problem occur at 7840 miles on Tahoe High County with 6.2 L engine. after weeks One row of lifters replaced but engine not further inspected. Drove away from dealer and 71 miles later it happened again. We were on vacation trip and lucky we could borrow family car during the weeks that the car was in warranty work at dealer in SC, Ravenel. ( GM dealer was not able to provide any type of car to use during the weeks of repair.)Second breakdown happened at exit 8 on I95 SC and we were towed to Bluffton Chevrolet dealer. That dealer was not interested at all in a "trip interruption warranty" client.  Family arranged for truck and trailer from Charleston SC , pickup in Bluffton . From there to New Smyrna Beach our home. Car back next morning to Dealer we bought it from. They took engine apart and found camshaft damage and lots of metal shavings in oil and oil filter. After weeks car was ready with new engine. We did not trust that engine any longer and dealer was very helpful and took the car back. WE ordered same car but with Diesel engine. That is still waiting to be produced. Ordered June 6 but still not started( it is approved inside GM system for production with less bells and whistles due to chip shortage. Now we have Tahoe with 5.3 L engine but we are fearful to take a planned cross country trip. Anybody has any idea how many engines are effected with this ongoing lifter problem?

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Only GM knows... guess it's the luck of the draw. My pops has a 19 Silverado and has 45k trouble free miles for the most part. If you're ordering a diesel for reliability,  you're ordering the wrong truck IMO. 


I'm sure the stuff coming off the line without start stop & afm/dfm have been updated by now. 

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