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Ac problems

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I have a 2004 g m c Sierra an the ac just stopped blowing all together so i found another hot wire an spliced it an made a jumper to the blower an the ac only blew on high but worked great now some how my wires got ripped out an can not get blower to turn on again i took blower out an hooked it to battery an blower worked great attempted to reinstall blower hooked power back to it an nothing only on speed 5 did i hear a clicking from resistor

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Here's a link to a TSB on what your problem could be and how it is resolved...




This TSB will give you a little insight on the history of this issue, however, warranty info will not apply due to age.


Also, you can find these connector/pigtails and resistor modules on eBay. Do an eBay search for 15862656.

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