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Who's Our Resident Gear Pattern Expert?

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Need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to setting up new gears. I have a couple different patterns ran and just want a second opinion on whether I should keep messing with the pinion depth/ shims, or if one of these is acceptable. I keep second guessing myself and tearing it back apart lol


The first two pics are with the pinion shim at 0.037. Backlash is at 7 thou (spec is 6-10). Seems like the coast side is decent, but the drive side seems to be favoring the heel of the gear.


So from there I moved on to a pinion shim at 0.040. Backlash is at 9.5 thou. Now it looks like the drive side is starting to center up, but the coast side seems like it is now favoring the heel a little more than the previous pattern. Both also seem like they may be a bit deep on the tooth.


If anyone with experience setting up gears would chime in that would be awesome. I don't want to just throw them together and have issues down the road.







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