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Switched power near tailgate?

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I have a 2006 Silverado 2500HD with the 7 pin trailer plug.  I've found that there is a missing fuse for the constant 12v power, but I haven't found any easy 12v switched power back there yet.


I have a backup camera that I would like to change from only powering on when in reverse to always on when the truck ignition is on/running. 


Anyone know of easy places to get a little bit of power? I wouldn't mind running a relay off the constant power, but don't want the electronics on 24/7 drawing current.




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Jay, 1. The Power you seek DOES come from a slow blow fuse. It is under the hood, DS in the big plastic Distribution box.

 It will be "MISSING". Its Square and closer to the engine. This will power up that +12 v pin at the 7 pin connector. I do not recall

 what its called, but its pretty obvious.

  2. The reverse camera. IF your camera is "wireless"  ( only has ground and hot from reverse light AND an antenna)

  You will NOT want it powered all the time.  Why? There are folks driving around with more powerful transmitters and you will Receive THEIR feed. I drove 50 miles one day on a busy highway and all I saw was the INSIDE of a Horsetrailer that was near me

on the road.  This is for WIRELESS only...  Wired, No issues.

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Mine is a bluetooth paired setup, so it wouldn't link up with someone else which is nice but it also takes a second or two to turn on which is part of my complaint when using a plow and going back and forth a lot.


I think the STC-1 fuse? It's a 40A in the top left of the fusebox per the diagram (have the fuse on order) so I think it's constant power not switched with ignition?



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Just as an aside, I was able to connect it to the running light wire on the trailer plug so that it's still switched, but it doesn't have the "boot up" time delay from when it was on the reverse light.  It does mean that during the day if I don't have my lights on it won't turn on, but until I run a dedicated switched lead from the front it's good enough for now.


Thanks for the help earlier, and if anyone else knows of a ignition-linked switched point near the bumper that would be great.

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