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Rough Country SF1 Fender Flares on refresh

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On 5/5/2023 at 7:36 PM, Haughton said:

Can you send me a picture of the rubber seal you have on the flares?

I feel like mine may have been put on incorrectly, as the rubber also wants to fold under the flare. I have to constantly pull it back out, its extremely annoying 



I have the SF1s and the rubber seal will be the death of me. I agree with the others as to why they don't include adhesive tape on the seal like others do. I constantly had the issue of it folding under the flare. I called RC and tried to determine which way they are suppose to go on. They couldn't give me a clear answer. I then asked about getting a rubber seal with tape already on it since they reference that in their instructions. They said they never had tape on theirs. I again said it was in their instructions but they insisted they hadn't. So I then asked what style they were (Tall wiper, Small wiper, C-Channel etc). They didn't know. Tried to compare some to the one they sent but online pics kind of sucked. So I bought one that had tape and put it on and it helped but I don't think it was the right style for these. So I ended up using some RTV silicone on some areas that still would fold. 


So that has been my drama with them. Still not happy but they don't fold under. 

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I don’t know about the older flares but the newer ones from RC def comes with the rubber seal and 3m on it already i have received 4 pairs and they all had them . YES 4 long story lol but just keep in mind the newer version flares comes in 2 pieces where it matches the line that is coming  from the corner of your headlight to the bottom on your fender . I just need bigger tires n rims also I’m lifting it 4 more inches from stock trailboss 




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Posted (edited)

That's interesting the front now comes in two pieces. I kinda like both looks (old one piece and new two piece).


How are they holding up so far? Staying aligned?

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On 8/21/2022 at 8:43 AM, SeaDogAther said:

Truck and fender flares look great!

I personally would delete the AM/FM antenna; unbolt the bracket and secure antenna inside the right fender area with a cable tie or two, insert a black plastic plug in the hole where the antenna was, you can find them at Lowes for like 0.25$ you'll lose a little range of radio reception, but the clean look would be worth it, and its easy to undo if you don't like it.

I was wondering about this…thank you!

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