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2015 Silverado. Pretty sure its been covered with tires and stock 20inch rims

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So if its been covered im thinking,but cannot seem to find it. 

  But i got a free 2.5 inch leveling kit. Most likely gonna order new upper control arms if i have to fix angle. 

 But i would like to run either a 34(275/65R20) inch tire. Would they fit. I do not care with rubbing at full lock and have no problem trimming if need be. 

 But also can i fit a 34 and half or a 35 inch tire in either 35/11.50R20 or a 35/12.50R20 on my stock 20inch rims. 

  No i do not want to do a lift. Dont have the funds for the lift or new wheels. I have 2100 to spend on tires. Please point me in the right direction with all info i need. 

 I do have the rouch country 3.5 inch full kit, but i have heard those really arent good to put on. So its sitting in the box. 

  Thanks all


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If you want my opinion, stay with the skinnier tire when it comes to winter. The 12.50 wide will tend to ride on top of snow and heavy water and they murder your fuel mileage.


A 34in tire should fit no problem.

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Ya being here in wisconsin it is a good idea for the skinny. I do get what your saying. 

  I just like how a 35 looks. I came from a Ford and leveling kit and always ran 35's on my stock wheels and def liked the look. 

  But could i fit those other sizes with a leveling kit? 

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I don't know for sure. My friend had a 2015 2500HD as well but he put 17's on it with 34's and they rubbed at full lock and if you hit bigger bumps while turning. He had leveled the front on his truck as well.


I did the tuning for him because his speedo was pretty far off after the tire size change.



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Ya the tuner i already know will be off. Goodthing i have my Edge tuner to correct my speedo. 

   Ya my last truck a F250 i had 17's and 35×12.50 and it fit the wheel wells great with a 1.5inch hell bent steel leveling kit.

 But with me comming over to a Chevy 2500,front end and front suspention is def diferent. So hopefully some more guys will chime in with there experience as i did find some good deals on 35×11.50R20's from tire rack as well as Custom Offsets here in wisconsin. 

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