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I bought a new 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Ultimate pickup in February and now only have 840 miles on it.  I have had nothing but problems concerning the "Super Cruise", when I engage the super cruise I get a "pop up" that reads "Super Cruise unavailable, no road information".  The regular cruise works like it should.  I took the truck to my local dealer for service and they said it was caused by the "Automated Driving Mapping Module was not working correctly, the ordered a replacement and it came in after about 5 days.  The installed the replacement and "reprogrammed" the new module.  The test drove the truck and said "I was good to go".  I picked up the truck and on my way home, I tried the super cruise and got the same message "pop up, Super Cruise unavailable, not road information".  I called the dealership and told them, they said it would be a week before they could get it in to look at it again.  Their service was of course done under warranty and there wasn't any charge to me.  I have driven the truck several times since then and still the super cruise would not work and I got the same screen warning.


Has anyone had a similar problem?  If so how did you get it corrected?  I would appreciate any and all help.


Thank you so much.

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Yes, I  know you have to be on a "Mapped Road", the road I tested it on after the dealership had installed the new mapping module is "for sure" a mapped road.  I have driven on it before when the super cruise was working correctly and had no problem.  Now after the dealer installed the new module it works sometime and then it doesn't.  You may be on the same road going one direction and it works and then you turn around and go on the same road the other direction and it does not work.


I am wits end.....Thanks anyway.

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Good Morning Phil;


I have in fact seen and read the article you sent about the problems & fix on the super cruise.  In fact, I took a copy of the article to my dealership and gave it to the service tech.  I am taking my truck back there tomorrow and will leave it with them again.  This problem is so frustrating and I sure would like it resolved.


Thanks for the prompt reply and I will update my post "if & when" it is resolved.

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