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2020 Denali power running board fix

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I was having problems with the power running board on the drivers side of my 2020 Denali.

It would start out and then go back in after about an inch. I did some spray lube on the arm attachment points and could get it to work after assisting manually. But after a couple of days it did the same thing.

Googled and found the attached, which has the repairs for this problem and others that are common to the power running boards.

I did the arm removal, cleanup and lube recommendation, which required no parts and took a little over an hour.

This running board works perfect and just as smoothly and fast as the passenger side.

Thanks to the crew that posted this great help source.


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Tri Flow lubricant worked the best for me on my old '11 Tahoe factory power boards. I just would spray the pins/bushings every few weeks or when they seemed to slow down. 

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The penetrating oil spray was a temporary for me. Even when I’d work them each time, they were still slow.

When I took the arms off, I could see that seals kept much lubrication from reaching the pins. The build up was a weird film-but once fine paper cleaned up and lubed, everything worked like new.

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When taking the running boards apart….you should install Zerk fitting in the articulating arms so you can grease the pivot points every oil change….

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