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I've got an idea...

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When I had my '91 Chevy, I bought a black and red bowtie for the grill from a 454SS (see pics).  Since getting my '99, I've been wanting to put a black and red one in it, but cannot find one anywhere for the new body style.  I've thought about painting the whole thing red, but don't really think I'd like that.  What I'm thinking of doing is get an air brush kit, taking the bowtie apart and trying to air brush the red outline and then spray the rest black.  Of course this would be done on the inside of the clear piece provided I can seperate the bowtie pieces without messing anything up.  I've never airbrushed anything before, so does anyone have any tips?  I don't want to buy an expensive kit or anything.  I was actually thinking of buying a Testors air brush kit from the model section at Wal-Mart to try this and use some good paint.  If I don't do it or end up messing it up, I guess I may go with my second choice.  A polished billet bowtie.  

Thanks for any replies.

My '91.



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I personally would just use professional paint stuff to prep the truck with then use spray paint.  put on a couple coats and sand with 600 grit paper to get a perfect finish, then buff it with some glaze wax stuff, and it'll look great!

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Quote: from landshark on 1:19 pm on May 4, 2001

How about you paint it black and buy one of those bowtie stickers that are just the outline.

Me and a friend discussed that also, but I don't think it will hold up to the weather too well.  i live in South Carolina and when i had one of those bowties on the back window of my '91 truck, the sun faded pretty bad in just a few months.  I think the sun is already fading the GM-Trucks.com decal I have on the back window now.

After looking a little closer, I don't think my idea will work at all.  I may just go with the polished billet bowtie.


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