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Any recommendations for a 4" suspension lift!!!

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I've decided to keep my wallet somewhat full and to allow the truck to have enough umph to go offroad that I should go with a 4" suspension lift instead of a six.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I was thinking rancho, just becuase I've heard good things about it.  Also, I want to get a dual front shock hoop, any recommendations on that.  I am planning on running 33's, not sure what yet, probably some TSL's.

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Go with the RCD.  It pretty much bolted right up on mine.  The procomp we installed on another truck last week was horrible.  The only complicated part of the install was shaving the front diff.   It is more expensive than the other 6" kits at ?, but it has the new Bilistein 5100 Shocks and the ride is better than stock on the front and NO BODY ROLL in curves.

Here is a pic



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First off I would like to say welcome vhato to the site your truck is too nice! could you give us some more details about your truck like tire size,rim size and do you have a 3" body lift along with the suspension lift. I have the rancho lift and I am only running 285's but I am planning on getting bigger tires in a couple months or so. Thats why I would like to know what you are running. My tires are bfg muds but I would like to run a non-aggressive tread like yours since I commute 90 miles a day round trip. If you look at my site you will see our trucks are similar including the rear diff cover.



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Thanks for the compliments Y2kZ71,

  This truck has been in the planning stages for years.   You asked about specs on my truck.  I haven't done too much yet.  My future plans are what is impressive.  Anyway, I do have a Performance Accessories 3" Body Lift with Front and Rear Lift Lips to cover the Body Gaps on the side.  An RCD 6" Suspension Lift has been installed.  4.56 Front and Rear Gears with a Rear PowerTrax Locker was chosen over my stock 3.73's and Grenaded G80 Locker (Junk).  A HyperTech PP3 was installed with the 160 Thermostat (Louisiana is HOT).  The Transmission has been rebuilt to GM's latest 4L60E-HD specs (wrong gears 3.73, my foot, and way too big tires destroyed it).  I am running the Improved 87 octane program (89 Octane for no pining) and I fill up right at 330 miles on the tank.  The Wheels are 16x10 KMC Tank Chrome Wheels with 35x12.50 (315/75) ProComp All-Terrains.  Quieter than the BFG AT K/O on the road.  Almost identical performance off-road to the BFG AT's in Mud, and WAY better all the way around compared to the GoodYear Wrangler AT/S.   I installed a cheap Chrome ? Diff Cover.  I am told this choice was bad for heat reasons.  As soon as the Heat Sensor Gun is back from the shop I am gonna take a run on the interstate and find out.  In the Engine Bay I installed a K&N replacement filter and I placed a spray can top in the first Lower Air collector to prevent the vacuum effect for possibly more power.  A Granatelli MAF replaced the stock one along with a BBK Throttle Body.  I am not too sure about the Helix Power Tower.  From the Dyno test I saw low end torque was lost but MID Range and Top End power was improved by the same amount.  Beneficial on the Highway, but I don't think my boat will like it so I left it in the Box.  Since I install the Body Lift I needed more cooling so I just installed the Flex-a-lite Dual Fans.  Dont do a body lift a La. without it.  My truck couldn't idle but for a minute or two before it was passing the 210 mark.  The Westin Step Bars bolt to the Body bolts.  So with a 3" Boby Lift they looked too low, so I cut the brackets 1" and redrilled the holes.  That is it.  I have Warn 4x Flares that I dropped off at a buddies Sunday to have them painted.  I cannot get and inspection sticker due to my tires.  I expired months ago.  These pics were taken this weekend at 92,000 miles and everything is strong.  Interior wise I Installed the Carbon Fiber Trim Kit, Valentine 1 radar Locator (I am a Cop so who cares), Hand Cuffs on the Rear View Mirror (chics dig it) Bass Blockers on the factory speakers and I built a small cabinet for a 6" woofer underneathe the Center Console between the Beer Holders and the storage Box and a Sony 4 channel Amp for the Factory speakers and an Old 2 Channel Punch 45 for the Sub Woofer behind the back seat.  It sounds great!!! With the Factory Head Unit.  And it looks great because I like the Factory look.  I also added the Delco Bug Shield so the Louisiana Bugs don't eat the paint.  So far that is it.   I am planning a Front Hitch with a Ramsey 9500 wireless Winch so I can put it front or rear, a Prerunner Bar (A Black FabTech I think) with 4 top mounted PiAA Black Optical Lights and a Jacobs Electronics Power Stabilizer. I don't want to over heat and destroy the trucks wiring harness, or alternator.  

 I love your truck.  It is high and clean.  The 285's look bigger than I thought.  I also like the Manik Brush Guard.   I see you have a HyperTech PP3 also.  Do you ever get any pinging sounds????If so what state do you live in.  My truck and two of my friends 2001's ping with the 93 octane program with 93 octane fuel.  We added 2.5 gallons of REAL Octane booster to 21 gallons of 93 fuel and it goes away (A buddy works at a Fuel Testing Lab and says the little bottles of Octane boost raise octane 1 point not the 7 points advertised, so he hooks us up with this tribitiline or whatever it is for free).  HyperTech says we must be getting bad gas.  But we have tried almost every kind of gas company.  Needless to say we are using the 87+ program with 89 octane fuel.

Lemme know about the fuel thing or any other questions.

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Howdy neighbor, I thought I had alot of miles at only two years old and 46,000 MILES. Your list of mods sounds like my wish list. I am running the 160 thermo with the improved 87 octane program and I run 89 octane plus in mine with no pinging. I buy my gas in a small town that I live in because I have heard it has less smog additives than Houston gas. I live in a small town (Sealy) 45miles west of Houston so I know about  the heat and the bugs. I like those tires, I have never seen them mounted on a 10" rim before they look wide, which is what I want. I was trying not to get a body lift because of my brushgaurd and other things but I do want 315's. Would those tires have fit without the body ilft? I noticed BIGRED is running 315's on his but I asked him about his rim size and got no reply. I wonder if his rub without a body lift. I bought the tires used from someone about a month before the lift was installed for ? and they only had about 7k miles on them. I really wanted bigger ones but I couldn't resist the price, besides after spending the money on the lift and wheels its a good thing I did buy them. I guess you couldn't get the truck inspected because the tires stuck out too much? I am going to buy some fender flares for mine but I have not decided on a brand. Let me know when you get yours installed so you can post a picture and let me know how well they fit.

Thanks for the reply,


BTW.....All my brothers are COPS here in Texas.

PS...... I guess you didn't win the powerball !!!

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