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Tested the HD on Friday


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Friday I headed up north with 3 of my Buddies for a day of Snowmobiling.

It was snowin like crazy all the way up to northern NH.

I was pulling a 4 place Renegade trailer, fully loaded with sleds and gear.

Highways were a mess, had to pass 3 different plow teams heading up 93 north.

My 04 HD Crew handled it without a glitch, the trailer was about 30 ft long plus the truck.

I was amazed at how well it did through these extreme conditions.

Going through Franconia Notch somewhere around 5 am with high winds and white out conditions the HD performed...Big Time.

When we got to where we unloaded we were the first tracks in, not plowed with about 20" of snow.Did worry about it spent the day on the trails and when we came back to load up the HD pulled right out of the SNowbank that the plow left for us.

All in All I cant say how happy I am to have this truck....God I Love my truck.

But on the down side it only got 7 mpgs if I am lucky.Pulling that trailer in 4x4 all the way.

Oh well you wanna play you gotta pay !!


Just had to share !!




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