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Ricky Rudd showed up at local kart track


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Of course while most of us were at work a friend of mine was out at the track.


I was at the track today trying to get a motor to run and had Ricky Rudd ask if I needed any help.. He was there to have a little fun with a TAG setup. He said he had a couple of days free and wanted to run his kart. He had a lot of questions about the Animal and the animal class here. When I told him we had about 20 on the track last year he smiled and said that must have been a blast. He just recently bought an Animal for his 10 year old son.. Said he had a track in his back yard.. He was REAL nice and very friendly. Just another racer.


It looked like a new kart. He had it in the back of a pickup..Go figure.


Would have rather been there then work. :banghead:


This is the second time this has happened in the last few years. The last race of our 2003 season Juan Pablo Montoya showed up and raced.

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