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Cabin Air Filters - Clean Them & Save!

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Just a quick tip. I pulled my cabin air filters and they had a bunch of dust, dirt & debris in them. Cleaned them well with a shop vac and then rinsed with hot water and they are as good as new! No need to replace them, just clean them and save $20.00.



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I did that too, for three times. After the third time they really wouldn't get back to white so I tossed them and replaced. I think they absorbed too much diesel soot and other bad road crud to clean up well. In other words, they were doing the job they were supposed to do, but finally got too gummed up to go further. I didn’t try soaking the filters in any kind of solvent – they just have the look of not being suitable for solvent cleaning.


Filtering the cabin air in these trucks is one thing I really like about those inside filters. I figure all the black soot stuck in the filter is black soot that isn't getting stuck in my lungs.


I replaced with a carbon-activated filter from ATP Corp. - Product Code GA-4. The ATP was $14.95 for the pair, which I ordered through a local mom-and-pop auto parts store.


Someday I hope to find time to drop in at an industrial filtering supply company to see if there is something that can be bought in large sheets and cut to size. Something like the ultra high quality foam filters used in certain sorts of industrial machinery. Ideally I would want to match the flow rates with GM spec, but if that could be done the $$ savings might be considerable.



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