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My 5.7 vortec performance plans

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Hello, newbie here.


I have a 98 GMC Z-71 with the 5.7 that I have recently decided that I would like to do a few minor upgrades to and wanted your inpute on the mods I have selected.


First I was planning on getting a set of shorty headers, maybe longtubes but I don't really want to do alot of exhaust cutting and welding.

Dynomax ultraflow catback single 3" exhaust.

Also considering a camshaft since my truck currently has the famous leaking chevy intake gasket, front and rear corners. But also the pan is starting to weep as well and what the heck once I go that far I almost have the cam out too.

Probably some roller rockers.

And lastly a Westers Performance tune that will still allow me to tow.


Basically I was wondering if you think I could do all these things and not hurt, or maybe even inprove fuel mileage along with the obvious power improvements?


Also which cams have you guys tried and how do you like them?


Who has a westers tune on a 5.7 vortec, which tune did you get, and what do you think of it?


Lastly is there anything I missed?





BTW if I do a cam swap it will be fairly soon since the intake leak is not going to get any better, so that would be my first mod.

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In my experience....Going with a bigger cam will never increase your fuel economy. A tune may help balance that, but not much.


You might also want to consider some head work (or new heads). If you're going to open the exhaust, you really need to open the intake to take advantage of that cam.


I've also never replaced a cam with the motor in the vehicle, so I really can't say about the condenser. Sorry :seeya:



But I bet it kicks ass when you get done. :chevy:

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