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"Z" measurement on torsion bars

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Some time ago I asked about the Z measurement as it relates to torsion bar adjustment. So, I found a reference to it in the Haynes manual. Its different for the 1500 and the 2500 (so where does my 1500HD fit in?) Anywho its the distance from the centerline of the lower control arm pivot bolt to a level line (imaginary) from the bottom of the steering knuckle(not the ball joint).


1500 = 3 5/16 to 3 45/64 inches

2500 = 4 5/16 to 4 45/64 inches


Ya, like i'm gonna measure to a 64th of an inch :D


No other mention of why or what it does for you or not for you.

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...No other mention of why or what it does for you or not for you.




The purpose for the torsion bar adjustments is to maintain the factory level height of the front end of the truck, even if you add heavy equipment, such as a snow plow or heavy bumper. Typically, the front end will lower due to the added weight of front-end accessories. The bar adjustments will raise the nose back to where it is supposed to be. However, most of us (ain't me!!! HONEST!) adjust the bars to put a rake in the front end. It does look cool, but it can potentially stiffen the ride to such an extent that it is harsh, not just stiff. And that is what happened to UNCLE.


My uncle's '03 Z71 had its torsion bars cranked and he lost the smooth ride he enjoyed. He lowered the bars back after a few months and still couldn't get the smooth ride. We found the Z specs and spent some time getting the measurement back to the specs as listed in the book. After adjusting, bouncing, doing voo-doo incantations, the bars finally settled to where they were supposed to be. The smooth ride returned.


Amazingly, it took just a final 1/4 turn on one of the bars to get the factory-smooth ride. We found that by getting the driver's side to the book's specs, and then touching up with the passenger side, that it began to behave.


Live and learn. I never touched my '03's bars, and never will touch my '05's. No snow plows down here!

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