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Lost steering in park

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Can any 1 figure this out? When I am sitting still I cant turn the steering left or right. When I move it is fine. I checked the fluid in the power steering pump and it is fine and none of the hoses are leaking. I also checked the steering linkage and everything looked ok. this just started this morning. The tires are only 285's so it's not an issue with them being to big.

I have the Pro Comp 5" spindle lift wich I installed myself and everything looks OK with it. The power steering pump isnt making any funny noises either.

Any suggestions??????

Has this ever happened to any of you.

Its a 2004 4x4 z71.


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My guess is the lift, is everything torqued to spec., not too tight, or binding? Is one of the lines crimped? Possibly the increased angles of the steering linkage make steering difficult. A dropped pitman arm might help, not sure on the exact application with your lift and all.

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Okay, here are a few qusetions:


When did the problem start? Did it start right after the lift, or did the truck turn okay for a while after the lift?


Next, does your truck have the speed sensetive steering? This was a problem on the OBS trucks and the fix was to simply unplug the speed unit from the steering rack. To explain the unit, for example at a standstill if you turn your steering wheel 180 degrees to the left, your wheels may turn 10 degrees. At 55 MPH if you turn you steering wheel 180 degrees, your wheels may only turn 5 degrees. This is a safety feature that many people did not even know they had.


If you have a speed steering, I would bet that is the problem.

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