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Shift Kit Installation

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I just bought a Transgo shift kit off of Ebay. It is the complete "professional" version, but lacks the videotape of the "do-it-yourself" version.


I read the instructions and feel confident about doing the job myself, but have a few questions:


Has anyone installed one of these before? Is it fairly simple? Anything I should pay particular attention to?


The Helm manual calls for a Servo Cover Depressor tool (J29714-A) to remove the cover. Is this really necessary? Is there any other way to do it?


Does anyone know of a site or link that shows the installation with photos? I searched the web and found that the Sept 1996 issue of Car Craft has one. Anyone have this issue that can scan and email to me?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I installed a kit in my 89 s-10 that I shoe horned a LT4/4l60-e in. It's not that big of a deal, just get ready for a mess when you pull the pan and then remove the valve body. I probably went through 1/2 a bag of quick dry and rags. :thumbs:


to remove the servo cover you just need a screwdriver or pry bar, set it against the underside of the truck and push the servo in, once it's somewhat compressed take a screwdriver and pop the ring out of the tranny case that holds it in, then slowly release pressure on the cover. If you don't have enough leverage w/ the screwdriver put a socket between the screwdriver and cover, that way you don't have to swing the screwdriver as far.


I used compressed air and brake cleaner to clean the outside housing so I didn't mess up the gaskets/seals on the servo when I removed it from the tranny.


be sure to have your garage floor clean in case any parts go rolling, it lessens search and clean up time, also have a wide area open on your bench and rags at the ready. I bought a couple rolls of the blue throw away rags, that and brake cleaner did an awesome job of cleaning everything up and keeping everything contained.


You need a in/lb wrench for the valvebody reinstall, be very careful when torquing it, otherwise it'll warp the valve body. Be sure to have a full day set aside, just take your time and enjoy it. I got messy as hell doing mine and still walked away w/ a smile on my face, hope your install is the same.


*edit, also, make sure you remember which valve body bolts go where, if not, you could bottom a long bolt out on the drum and cause lots o trouble.

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