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Just checking to see where your temp guage sets at while truck is warm? Mine is about half way to the 210 mark. Is this normal or low. If it's low, What is the thermo for a 99 4.8 sierra? Had options i saw for a 180 or a 192/195.



I just checked the prices on these and why in the heck are they $28-39 for? That's very high for a darn thermostat, most i've ever spent was maybe $9.



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The thermostat is part of the housing so you aren't buying just the thermostat. My truck used to run right at 195 degrees until it got really hot outside, then it would go as high as 210. Since I put the flex-a-lites on it stays right at 195.

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i have a 03 Sierra with the 4800 and mine runs right at the 210 mark. sometimes just a bit below when im out on the highway or if the fan kicks on.

i know the LS1 thermastats were pricey, especially the 160s, due to the design of them and how they were fitted in the motor.

you can get lower temperatures ones, all ranges, but i think you may need to have the computer adjusted for the temp change.

good luck in your findings.


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So then i guess i'm right in the norm then at about 197 (dash mark between 160 and 210 is at 185, i'm in the middle of that )i figure, but i dont think i've ever seen it move beside when warming up.


Thanks for the answers

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The factory guage isn't the most accurate meter there is...it more or less kinda gives you an idea of where the temps are at, at least with the NBS trucks. If you ever watched it as it rises, you'll notice that it kinda goes up in steps instead of sweeping up smoothly. FWIW, mine usually runs a line below the 210 mark. I've checked the temps with an AutoXray, and it was running around 194-200 with the factory stat (usually closer to 195, touched 203 once after really beating on it), and with the 180* stat it runs anywhere from 188 to about 194* so far...haven't had the 180* stat in with the real hot weather. Once I do my 05 efan upgrade, it should run in the 173-180 range I believe (I think that's where Bryan has the off-on fan temps at)

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