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Help With Exhaust Options on Sub w/ 8.1 ?

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Hello All:

I have a 2001 Suburban with 8100 Vortec which I had installed Gibson headers using same cat forward GM pipe (3 or 3.5 I think) into 2 new hi-flo cat convertors into a (first one) dual in and single out flo-pro muffler to a 3 or 3.5 inch single pipe out the side into a 6" ish oblong exhaust tip.

MAN this tone drove me insane bewteen 2-3 thou RPM's! Really bad at 2600.

Took back and had flomaster 70 series installed which is somehwhat better at highway crusing speeds but still has horrible drone tone that you cant wait to get through (by stomping the gas) when accelarating.

If I wanted to keep headers, what can I do to quiet this monster down and elimanate skull throbbing drone tone?

Getting alot of noise coming into back of vechicle. Can I add sound deadning pads over muffler and replace with quieter brand? Not really concerned about performance loss at this point as I may put stock exhaust manifolds back on if this is only way to bring tone and noise down some.

Not trying to get back to stock levels but as close as possible!

What have you all done or seen done?

Could I add X pipe before muffler(s) and two mufflers with two exhaust pipes out back? Or one muffler with two pipes out back smaller size than 3" ish?

I really appreciate any help you may provide! Nothing like experience!

Any brand names of quiet, light performance mufflers appreciated. Thanks!


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