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MAF question

Cool Zr2


My truck has been stumbling and missing in the mornings (cold start), I figured it was from maybe old gas in it cuz I let it sit for a couple of months, but after a tank and a couple cans of seafoam its still there.


So I borrow my gramdmas laptop and put my software on it and plug it in.


It is throwing a code for the MAF low or no voltage or something like that, forgot to write down the number.


In the LIVE mode, it shows that the MAF is reading 0.0 # per inch or however it reads, but its zero, zilch. This is at different rpms also.


My question is, could the wiring going to the sensor be damaged from something like excess mud stressng it from when I went mudding? (I have cleaned it out very well, BTW) My thinking is that IF the sensor was bad AND getting power, it should read something, but if it is zero I think that maybe its not getting power. What is your thought on this.


I will test the 3 pin plug on saturday when I get home, I have my manuals here somewhere to go by.

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Sure, could be wiring, could be the MAF itself. I don't know what kind of setup you have there with a v8 in that thing, but I'd guess that you probably have a pink wire to the MAF. That'd be 12 vdc. Black or black with a white tracer is ground. The remaining wire would be the signal to the PCM.

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It runs the 4.3 harness with the v-8 FI "Plug" intergrated into it, and the knock sensor moved to the side instead of in the back. The "Setup" is that of stock intentions, it thinks its a suburban, runs a suburban vin, and all the sensors run that way, nothing "jerry rigged" about it. Even though I've been having alot of problems with it and have considered putting a match to it. ITs really a good truck but I couldn't pass it off as one after my posts in your forum lately. :chevy:

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