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DRL's not working




I know it's really not a big deal but I would like to get my DRL's fixed.


They don't come on at all.

-ignition on

-not in park

-Ebrake not engaged

-normal lights not on


Checked bulbs, fuses and some of the wiring(mosltly around the bulb area). Is there a way to check the DRL relay?

...How exactly do you replace the relay (is it like a fuse, where you just pull it out)?


Also cleaned the bulb connection socket w/elec. contact cleaner.





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Gee, most posts about DRL's are ones asking how to disable them. :chevy:


The BCM turns on the relay for the DRL's, so there's that. Yes, the relay simply pulls out. You could swap it with another that is of the same type just to see if that's it.


The other thing that could be going on is a bad input from the ambient light sensor. If the BCM thinks it is dark out, it won't turn on the DRL's. Seen more than one sensor that has fallen into the dash where it's dark all the time. The sensor is that little smoked plastic looking dome in the center of the dash.

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