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04 Z71 perfromace sugges.

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Ok guys im headed to the track tonight and want to run this thing im shure you can see by my signature ive done some mods already, so i got a programer a hypertech wich by the way i think is junk..(just me ) dynatech supermaxx and a corsa sport cat back, the truck right now has a rev limmit of 6200 rpms shifts at about 6000 rpms into 2nd but dosent break tires loose. remember its 4wd. but i noticed that off the line its starving so to say it needs something maybe, gas i dont know figured id ask you guys . so what do i or should i do to launch this thing off the line.


after it gets past about 2000 rpms im rolling prety good but i need to get that off the line jump.


thanks guys

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