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Ok.. Im Pissed. :chevy: Began changing the trans filter and fluid, WHY would GM mount the shift cable bracket facing down with torx screws which you cant get a socket on.. anyways, couldnt get those or the drain plug out :D So i bent the bloody bracket out of the way and removed all the bolts and now THE d**n EXHAUST PIPE is keeping the pan from coming off! I couldnt believe this! What a JOKE. So after being soaked in trans fluid, and accomplishing nothing, bolted it back up refilled the tranny.. cursed, swore and got drunk. Has anyone had this problem!? My repair manual is stupid and tells me nothing.. my pipes are rusted and will break if i try to remove them and i cant get a dealership appointment for 2 months!!! ARRGHHH!! :fume::fume::fume: Perhaps if anyone was successful walk me though what you did. Thanks. :fume:

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Can't speak for your truck but the exhaust crossover on my Yukon was close but not so close that I could not get the pan off.


As far as the torx, I was able to get to them using a 3/8 drive ratchet with a male torx socket, T 40 I believe.


The drain plug is installed at the factory with loctite thread locker. Two things you have to do.

1) Use a very high quality 6 pt black impact socket.

2) You may have to use a small amount of heat from a small propane torch to break the loctite.


I hate you had problems but I completed mine in less than an hour.

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