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I have a 1998 Z71 GMC 1500. I have had intermitent starting problems. Hit the bottom of the tank and it would start flawlessly.....Suspected fuel pump..replaced w/filter. cleaned TB. Ran for the last week with no problems. This morning, No start. Left it for 10 minutes, and it started up.

It definatley is fuel related but I just cant figure it because it is so random. I am starting to think it is injector related, but when started, it runs perfect?? Where is the fuel Pump relay on this baby??? Maybe its the relay?? HELP Thanks Mike F

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When you replaced the fuel pump did you replace the wiring pigtail as well? I know on my sons S-10 we had the same problem and it turned out to be the pigtail was shot and burned up the new pump.





I found the relay, and found 78ohms resistance across 2 terminals, and about 2 ohms across another. Could find no other combination which would show resistance.

Re the fuel pump pigtail. I simply "plugged and played" No replacement. I can hear the fuel pump working.

Could it still be the relay if the fuel pump works??? Thanks Mike

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