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Mostly Newbie with '06 GMC Sierra 1500

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Hello to all.


I purchased a new 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 Regular Cab/Long Bed Work Truck (4.3L/Auto/Air) back in December of 2005. I didn't put any money down, as I am not that well off financially, but I did get a couple of incentives (cash back mostly).


The truck already has just over 20,000 miles on it, so you know I drive a lot. :D


I use the truck for my courier job, though it really was the wrong decision to make in retrospect considering what my job entails. I'd look a lot smarter in a new Focus, a Honda Fit, or some other compact-ish vehicle that gets good city mileage.


I have used, and am not afraid to use, my truck for heavy work though. My father had some large items that needed to be gotten rid of recently, and I was more than happy to help, though he has an '05 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab/Long Bed Work Truck (4.8L/Auto/Air/Vinyl [ugh]). He already had a load in his truck, and mine can actually take more due to having a regular cab (about 500 pounds more). I love using my truck for what it was designed to do, for I feel it is serving its true purpose.


Sadly the truck has already seen some bangups. I was in a not-at-fault accident and an at-fault accident within two weeks of each other. Thankfully the one that was my fault caused minimal damage to the other car, and he did not file a claim. The second one caused substantial bumper and radiator housing damage, and the other owner was un-insured, and failed to carry any of her information in the car. I intensely dislike people who don't carry their insurance information now.


There's a few dings here and there as well, especially in the bed, since I am not well enough off to buy a d**n bedliner. That is next on the list of things to do. I know I bought a new radio and new rear speakers already, but I would die if I didn't have at least half of a good set of speakers and a CD player since I drive half the day. I generally don't use the bed often enough to make the bedliner a more pressing buy.


So, I'm sure I'm boring the hell out of anyone that may be reading this far. :cheers:


Without further hesitation, I would like to say hi to everyone again and say that I have found the site to be useful already. I am also a Ford convert for the time being.

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