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Fine white scratches

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There are a few very fine white scracthes on my dark metallic blue silverado , do you guys know of any products that can remove them or at least hide them , thanks Jack :cool:






I also have a indigo blue 98 z71 and had the white scratches you describe. Most likely these are in che clear coat only. (mine were). Go to walmart or parts store and buy a product called Scratch X by Mequiers. It works great. You might have to go over the scratch several times but it will get it out. I used it on mine and it looks great

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Can you catch your fingernail on them? If so, they're irrepairable short of a new paint job or some beautiful touch-up work. A detail shop might be able to feather it out a little bit making it less noticeable but that's about it






if they are not deep, you can or you can get somone to wax them out, detailers have lots of neat tricks, and if they are deeper, still talk to a detailer because like i said they have lots of tricks that ive seen work.

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You will want to use a buffer for the best results, there are many scratch & swirl products, 3M has many good ones to get your paint back in good shape, once you do that be sure your towels and wash mitts are 100% cotton, this will help keep your truck looking good longer. Synthetic waxes will outlast carnauba waxes 5 to 1 in durability.

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