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Silverado Air conditioning



:cool: 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 EC 4x4 6.0 3.73


I recently noticed that with the air conditioning turned off, (not having been turned on prior) there's cold air coming out of the vents, not a lot, but noticable. Temp outside today was around 26c / 79f The air coming from the vents had bit of chill to it. When I turn on the air conditioning, it really cools off good, so the air conditioning is working fine. Anyone else experience this?

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Yes, Yes, Yes! I thought I was nuts! When I have had the a/c on then shut it off, it doesn't seem to shut totally off. Like you said, the air outside will be comfortable, but you can still feel cooler air coming through the vents. Even when the system is set to draw in outside air, it's still colder than the actual outside air. It seems that if I shut the a/c off (A/C button) it stays on anyway. If I shut the ignition off and re-start the truck, the a/c will then actually be off. Like you have to "re-set" the system.


I know this can't possibly be the correct way for the a/c system to work but I won't dare take it to the dealer. It seems these days the dealerships have a hard enough time trying to get a brake job right! I'd hate to baffle them with a problem like this!


By the way - My truck did this since day one!

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