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Very Interesting Article

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This was an interesting read;




I think it kind of shows the real costs of using E-85 and E-10 blends.



Very interesting. Most people's rebutle is that they'd rather put the money into american hands, rather than give it to foreign goverments. Meanwhile, we are have food shortages all over the world.



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Darn, the News put the article in archive and charge at leat $2.95 to look at it now.


The Kansas City Star article



"Loss of fuel economy from ethanol-blended gasoline hits motorists in the wallet

STEVE EVERLY, The Kansas City Star

Charles Kigar doesn't think twice when he has a choice of buying a gallon of conventional gasoline or a gallon of gas that contains ethanol at the same price.

He buys the gas without ethanol.

The reason is a simple matter of science. Conventional gas delivers more energy than a gallon that contains ethanol.

If it's a gallon of E-10, which is a blend of 10 percent ethanol and conventional gas now widely available in the Kansas City area, there's an...


Published on 2008-04-27, Page A1, Kansas City Star, The (MO) "

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