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2012 1500 Silverado 5.3L Gas Mileage

afm mileage

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#31 ruggedlife



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 04:09 PM

agreed, the remote start will suck a lot of gas without even thinking about it, i only do it on the hottest of hot days for the ac to kick on and the coldest of cold to let the truck engine warm up.

#32 z71silverado12



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Posted 04 August 2012 - 08:17 PM

So here is an update. I went on a trip (about 173 miles in each direction) and on the way there I got 18.9 MPG with cruise control on, AC set for 73 degrees with an outside temp of 84 and ALL highway. On the way home I let my wife drive and she got between 18 MPG and 18.2 MPG. The way home was 90 highway and 10 city.

If the truck gets better after a couple of miles on it I may be getting 19+ MPG but that means I have to move further away from work to make it good for me.......

I am still going to try a few things to get better mileage around the city because 11.7 MPG around home is still not acceptable.

#33 Jsdirt



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Posted 12 August 2012 - 07:28 AM

I find most people all have different ways of figuring mileage .... and you usually will come up with different answers. I don't even go by the DIC - it's always way off. You need to fill up several times at the same station, on preferrably the same pump, so when the pump kicks off you know it's filled up the exact same amount each and every time. Then of course divide miles on your trip by gallons - but this only works if you remember to reset trip upon fillup.

My DIC says 14.7, because it's factoring in all the times I've towed cars & trucks with the car hauler. No trailer, I get 15.5 -15.7 consistently, with '07 5.3 flex, 4x4, 4L60E tranny, w/ 3.73 G80 rear. Winter blend fuel knocks 1 mpg off that or more.

Another factor is where you live. You wouldn't believe what some states pass off for fuel. MA offers you no choice but ethanol-diluted fuel. It's supposed to be for "clean air", but think about it - millions of vehicles getting 2-3 LESS mpg results in more gasoline tax revenue for the state, and a windfall for the oil company. Your selling cheaper fuel for the same money, & "cutting" it with ethanol - it's basic theft, but nobody says anything about it because the money rolls in.

It's posted on the pump as "10%". That kills your mileage BIG time. Now, with the flex engine, you have the capability to see "alcohol percentage" with a scan tool. I've never run E85 in the truck in the 5 years I've owned it, yet, I've seen alcohol percentages range from 15% all the way up to over 20%!! I can feel seat-of-the-pants power loss when I get an exceptionally crappy 20% ethanol batch. Mileage will also drop to around 13 mpg. This is also why my business is getting away from automotive repairs and doing more motorcycle, boat, lawn equipment repairs -- that percentage of ethanol wreaks havoc with small engines. Clogged carbs, and in worst case, seized engines that were jetted for normal fuel.I clean probably 100 carburetors per season, including my own ... and I drain them! The fuel is garbage here.
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