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  2. I've been thinking of doing a full bed removal and then a product called KBS. My 01 is okay but needs to be taken care of.
  3. I have my truck tuned with a super chips flashpaq5. I am looking into how to get my truck to shift a bit firmer. Are there specific shift points I can adjust in my tune in order for my truck to shift a little harder?
  4. Not sure this OK on this forum, but since this is new england club figured I'd give you all a heads up am parting out my 2015 sierra that was totaled, below is a craigslist link for set of 20" granite alloy wheels + nittos for sale had the wrong link initially - try this: https://southcoast.craigslist.org/wto/d/mansfield-r20-nitto-ats-20-black-wheels/6825503234.html
  5. Wow Unless I missed something this is a dead group. I am surprised that a New England group doesn't have a long string discussing how to fix rust on their truck. I lost a 2003 Silverado extended cab Z71 just a few days ago due to excessive rust. We redid the rocker panels, cab corners, and rear wheel arches a few years ago but it came back on the arches so I gave up. I got a 2013 Silverado without body rust but it has a little on the frame at the back by the trailer hitch. I am looking at methods to protect it that are simple and wonder what experience others have. There seem to be two approaches after removing the loose stuff. One in to use a rust reformer and the other is a primer that will go over rust. Rustoleum seems to be a popular alternative with either a primer or reformer but Por-15 has been used for may years. What experience do you have?

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