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  1. Start at the source...The very first thing I would do is change the battery, just swap it out with a friends or wife's to see if problem persists. An internal short in the plates can produce all kinds of crazy things on this more modern technology. If not fixed, check cables for loose/missing connections, deterioration, possible shorts at places that may be rubbing on nearby metal components, all coming directly from battery. Corrosion under the cable sheathing can be hard to spot but can also cause poor connection producing symptoms that you speak of. You can typically bend your cables
  2. Boooooooooooooo..... Hisssssssssss...... Ford puts out the Raptor and "this" is GM's come back after how many years? Kinda reminds me of the "Jerk Store" Seinfeld Episode. Lol Hell, I would pay extra NOT to put that stuff on my truck. Now there is a marketing campaign.
  3. Lol, I'd drive to Dallas for a good steak at the SaltGrass. I'd certainly do it for a good service tech. Sent from Off Driller Side
  4. It's simple, he comes to work to get a check.. Not to earn it and the simplest thing to do was throw his hands up and say... Woah! Aftermarket parts! I'll put it all back to stock and record my next conversation with him next time just so I can post it on YouTube. To be fair, I'm not 100% sure it's the transmission I just suggested to them that I have the exact same issues as the bulletin describes and that I have done everything I can to try to eliminate any other possibilities. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT THE EXHAUST and I'm pretty confident that it's in the transmission. It just baffles m
  5. Picked it up yesterday.... Just because they are willing to work on it doesn't mean they know what they are doing. To some it up, they say the issue is either in my exhaust or my leveling kit ( went right to blaming aftermarket parts). They did however grease my leaf springs for absolutely no reason, besides trapping more dust and dirt that will eventually cause premature wear. I have already clamped the springs off so I'm surprised they didn't mention that. I'm not going to fight with them, I'll put truck back to stock and take it back. Sent from Off Driller Side
  6. The wait begins... Dropped truck off at 7:30am this morning. First thing service guy said when I walked in was "did you get the factory calibrations back in it?" [emoji6] Not like that's going to help any but it's just nice knowing I got a helluva dealership to work with after hearing all the nightmare posts about other dealers. I'll update as I get info. Sent from Off Driller Side
  7. Well, I guess we will find out soon enough. (Fingers crossed) Sent from Off Driller Side
  8. Well I'm going through with it, I figured if anything the guys like you with same issue will know what to expect. I have an awesome dealer though and that could make a difference. I really appreciate the input so far from everybody. Keep it coming! Sent from Off Driller Side
  9. It's the network which all your controllers communicate through. CAN = Controller Area Network and Yes, GM uses CAN Bus and Yes, it will remove the headlight warning through OnStar. Sent from Off Driller Side
  10. If I drop it off Monday I will definitely give the play by play. I know there are a couple other tuned 2015 6.2's on this board that fall in the same build date range as mine and should be experiencing the same issues. I wish they would at least PM me and share their experience if they had to deal with this yet. Sent from Off Driller Side
  11. #PI1450: Snap, Pop, Click, Tick or Clunk Noise on a Launch - (Mar 27, 2015) Subject: Snap, Pop, Click, Tick or Clunk Noise on a Launch Models: 2015 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2015 GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL Equipped with 8L90 Automatic Transmission (RPO M5U) Built Prior to December 1, 2014 Attention: This PI also applies to any of the above models that may be Export vehicles. Condition/Concern Some customers may comment on a snap, pop, click, tick or clunk noise, typically on a launch after a stop. This condition may be caused by clearance between
  12. It's changed, on certain items (like tranny replacement) dealer is instructed to not do any work until they submit certain information to PQC (Product Quality Center)and part of this information they look at is the factory calibration verification numbers/history. Dealer literally carries no weight anymore. Gone are the days of the dealer slipping blown engines past GM which overall is a good thing but I'm hoping situations like this are actually investigated and not simply denied. Sent from Off Driller Side
  13. That's pretty much my thinking exactly and this dealer knows me, they even send people my way so that's never been an issue having to hide stuff from them. They also know I don't take stuff in for warranty work that I tear up, never have. It's just irritating thinking that GM Engineers may deny me for something that's a known issue on their end even though my dealer will go to bat for me. I'm scheduled to drop it off with them Monday morning but I'm not 100% sure I'm gonna follow through yet, kinda waiting to hear what you guys think. Sent from Off Driller Side
  14. Ok... Im looking for a little feedback on this situation. I have the TSB issue Pi1450 which requires a replacement transmission and I'm tuned. I'm a pay to play guy but with it being a known factory fabrication issue I'm considering taking to the dealer and seeing if I can get it fixed under warranty. Has anybody dealt with a situation like this yet and what would be pros/cons to this? I'm almost positive they are gonna tell me to kick rocks and if that happens I'll just have tranny built assuming there are any upgraded parts even available. If anybody knows of a shop building these
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