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  1. It's the network which all your controllers communicate through. CAN = Controller Area Network and Yes, GM uses CAN Bus and Yes, it will remove the headlight warning through OnStar. Sent from Off Driller Side
  2. Did you ever track this down, I may have just picked up the same noise. Sent from Off Driller Side
  3. I am particularly interested in the fittings with the quick connects to this sensor. They look like 3/8" or 1/2 male JIC to quick connect that would plug right up to the sensor. If I had those I could just buy some like sized female JIC to a ferrul lock fitting that I could just connect to the cut steal fuel lines and I would have this mod complete. I'll call these guys and see if I can just get those fittings... Thanks. Sent from Off Driller Side
  4. Great news... The trans and TM tuning are 80% of what makes a good tune on these trucks. Feel free to email me any time if you need any help later on. Sent from Off Driller Side
  5. FloPro makes several different styles of muffler, they actually make copies of both Flowmaster & Magnaflow. I wouldn't be afraid of their product, just a cheaper priced version of each and to be honest it may be made just as well without paying for the name. Sent from Off Driller Side
  6. Don't let this thread die Fondu... Sent from Off Driller Side
  7. He's retired, what do you expect. Here's his day in a nutshell; grandkids, tea on the front porch, polish the truck! Don't feed his ego...He knows his truck is sexy. His build has not only stopped me from looking at lifting my truck further but now I'm contemplating removing front level and lowing the the rear. Anybody want to trade my front leveling blocks for your lowering shackles? I know... It takes a minute for me to start accepting change, remember I'm getting old, crusty and set in my ways. Sent from Off Driller Side
  8. You know what, I said this mod wasn't for me but that really looks clean. Do they have this piping in WDT? [emoji5]️ Sent from Off Driller Side
  9. Lol, same thing I said in post 6. Don't get us wrong, they are street-able, just not near as street friendly as positive displacement. Especially if you use your truck as a... well... a truck. Sent from Off Driller Side
  10. I'm assuming you caught him at a local tuning event. Sent from Off Driller Side
  11. This mod isn't for me personally but I must say, nice job. It amazes me what some of you guys come up with. Only car guys get it... Gotta love these forums. Sent from Off Driller Side
  12. Wow, that's going to only take 4-6 hours and that with beer. Sent from Off Driller Side
  13. Same here, curious what install is like. Sent from Off Driller Side
  14. Yeah, BB will have no trouble unless tuner locks it up, but I don't see that much anymore. Sent from Off Driller Side
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