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  1. None at all. But I did purchase the truck with a lift on it from the same dealership that I have my warranty work done at. I have talked to another dealership, that’s a little closer to where I live now, and they have no problems with working on the truck because of the lift. But at the end of the day any dealership could claim they will deny the warranty or not work on a truck because it’s lifted. Legally, they can’t do that. But if that’s their attitude then they probably aren’t worth the hassle of convincing them to work on it. My advice if you need warranty work performed on a lifted truck find a dealership that sells Rocky Ridge, ALC, SCA, or homebrew lifted trucks; they will definitely do warranty work on lifted vehicles.
  2. Was at the dealer last week for my leaf springs, no additional fix beyond greasing them.
  3. I've been considering one of the enclosures from SubThump, here is a single sub enclosure: http://subthump.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes/Silverado-And-Sierra-Crew-Cab-Custom-Subwoofer-Enclosures-by-Subthump/2014-Up-GM-Crew-Cab-Single-Downfire-Box.html I'm not sure of the quality, but the pictures look good. I have a center console and don't have the Bose system, so I think I am going to add a subwoofer to the center console first and see how that does then add subwoofers to the rear if that doesn't do enough for me.
  4. I had the exact same issue with my tuck. It supposedly never happened to the dealer, but I made enough of a fuss that they addressed the issue. I spent the first year I owned the truck in owners provided by the dealer. They finally found the problem, a loose ground at the main negative battery terminal. The dealer replaced the cable and terminal and all has been fine since. It took forever for the dealer to take any action and I felt they were dragging their feet so I contacted a lawyer to see if I had a case. My truck was purchased used, so I didn't qualify for Lemon Law, but I did qualify for a breech of warranty case. Several months later and with ZERO cost to me I ended up with a nice cash settlement for all of my troubles. So yes, contacting an attorney can be very beneficial for you. I tried to let GM make it right, but the customer service reps would never call back when they were supposed to and they never offered any sort of solution beyond "bring it to your local dealer and have it checked out". Your issue definitely sounds electrical, and it can be solved it just takes some patience and perseverance. It's worth noting, never get mad at the dealership. Treat them with respect and always be polite yet firm, otherwise there is no way they will ever do anything for you.
  5. I definitely recommend the Black Bear Tune, I absolutely love my tune and it has been flawless for the last several thousand miles. Much better than stock!
  6. I just got my truck back from having the torque converter replaced this morning. So far I am very impressed. The replacement has effected things I didn't expect to be effected. The rough idle I had before is now almost completely gone and shifting around town seems much smoother than before. It has been raining a lot lately in Ohio so I haven't been able to push it as hard as I normally would to be able to see if the shifting issue from 2-3 under hard acceleration has been fixed. I am very pleased with the results of the torque converter replacement so far. I found a bulletin online and used that to get the converter replaced. It was a bulletin that indicated what TCC slip should be when cruising and my TCC slip was not in those parameters so the dealership replaced it, I'll see if I can find that bulletin again and post it here.
  7. I agree about the red section, it is pretty large. Of course my current Silverado is like that too, with the way GM designs their wheel wells it seems like 6" make the truck sit pretty high without being able to clear bigger tires. I'll be interested to see how much trimming is needed to get 35's to fit with the least amount of lift, ideally, that is what I will do if I move to the T1 platform.
  8. Hahaha Definitely not. I mean I am currently running 20" wheels with 35" tires. I would actually prefer 17's or 18's but it is much harder to find a nice wheel with the offset I want when you are at that size. I appreciate the larger wheel crowd too, there are some really good looking trucks with 20"+ wheels, and I think the look is especially fitting for Denali trims. I just like having the sidewall. I will definitely be setting up a test drive for a 3.0 as soon as I can!
  9. The new torque converter is scheduled to be installed Wednesday, the local dealership has been pretty backed up. We will see what it does for my transmission issues. I passed a semi on a two-lane road this morning on the way to work and the trans had a massive delay on the upshift when accelerating around it, that was a bit of a butt clenching experience. haha I don't see a torque converter fixing that, but I am hoping they will find something else wrong when they replace it. If this temperamental transmission would just work consistently my truck would be near flawless.
  10. I, personally, really like the look of the sierra with a lift. I prefer a larger tire and smaller rim, although I don't think those rims are the best design for the Sierra. I'm waiting for the specs on the 3.0 Duramax to be released to determine if I want to trade my truck. I'm currently experiencing really annoying transmission issues and don't want to take the gamble to trade it in on a new truck to only get an 8 speed that has issues. I'd be willing to take that gamble if the 3.0 Duramax puts out good power figures though.
  11. Sounds like they are working to make it right. It's always nice to see a dealership that treats its customers right after a sale. Let us know how the truck is once you get it back!
  12. Will do! I had a valve body replaced a few months ago and no noticeable improvement after that. The truck has a major delay when shifting from first to second, but it is highly intermittent. I can't replicate the condition consistently, so it makes diagnosing it hard. The dealership is pretty much throwing any part that they can get approved by GM at it.
  13. You could always remove the trim and have it hydro dipped. It seems to be more permanent than vinyl and you could do any pattern you want.
  14. Very true! I love everything about my truck except the transmission. And it's a 6 speed so it's supposed to be a good one! haha The torque converter is being replaced in the next couple of weeks, so I'll see if that fixes it..
  15. If the truck has different size tires from factory the "tune" could have just been a speedometer calibrator. It writes the same way as a tune, but doesn't mess with the factory tuning. I haven't experienced the P2635 code, but I would make sure your speedometer is accurate when you receive the truck back and make sure the dealership corrects it if it is not accurate.
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