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  1. Also the repairs you mention are one and done for a while. With new vehicle prices the way they are you may be a much happier man fixing up your ride and living payment free.
  2. It's more than likely rusting from the inside out. If you don't want to drive a rusty vehicle I'd sell it. Don't feel bad, mine is two years old and has surface rust on the frame already.
  3. 2019 Sierra 3500 HD

    That's a lotta truck to take out into the forest! Holy smokes I like the bumper. Can't wait to get mine installed on my regular cab "cabin" rig.
  4. Rather, why would GM sell 3/4 tons without them? i couldn't imagine not having the split mirrors on my truck. I mostly haul but with my tool box and the tall nature of the truck I can't check blind spots in the conventional manner (I have a reg cab). With my split mirrors I have zero blind spot and need to remind myself to turn my head to check my blind spot when I'm driving my jeep lol. anyone here have regular mirrors on their HD? Do they work ok? Why would GM do this? Gas mileage? thanks
  5. New shoes

    What do you mean getting your shocks built?? those tires/size will look great on your truck
  6. Greasing Ball Joints

    Good to know they're supposed to ooze a bit. I really love the ability to service the joints ourselves. The front end better last long with all the effort! Does the Ford 3/4 have grease able ball joints too or is it a different setup with it being a solid front axle? I looked under my wrangler a while back and couldn't find any grease fittings
  7. Hey guys, anyone here grease their own joints? I don't trust the dealership, rightfully so seeing as how my hard to reach joints seemed bone dry before I greased them the first time after my free oil changes were up. i grease them twice now, every 5k miles during the oil change. I use Mobil 1 grease and have the 90' fitting. anyway I've never greased shit before. It seems every boot has a pin hole in it that oozes out grease when it's full. I'm worried the techs caused these pin holes? Or are they purposely there? I don't want to blow the boots out but not sure if they already are. The lower control arms ooze out of a 1/4" slit between the boot edge and the LCA. when do you guys know they're full? also, some boots ooze out black grease, some blue, some green. Mobile 1 is red and I have yet to see any of I ooze out. Every boot seems to need about 3-4 squeezes before ooze. finally, fck the cheapskates at GM and their waxed frames. I end up filthy every time I go under the damn truck and have to touch up the bare spots for fear of rust.
  8. Where's my dippers at??

  9. I have a regular cab with non powered seats so I was unable to adjust the height of the seat. Not enough leg room for me on my 4 hour commute to my cabin. I ended up finding a thick foam pad and stuffed it under a carhartt seat cover. I'm 6' and now have plenty of leg room and no head room issues. you may want to play around with this idea as it was cheap and easy and worked for me
  10. Hey all, I need suggestions for a tie down system for my bed. I have a weather tech tool box which blocks use of 5 tie down points in the front of the bed. Very important when I want to secure my two dirtbikes. Was thinking about maybe a track system mounted to the bed rail but the rail seems kinda flimsy. Also see some bed floor mounted options online. Anyone here using a tracked tie down system? I'm really nervous about drilling into my bed so suggestions for install would also be helpful. Im not averse to adding tie down points on the face of the tool box either if you have suggestions there. Feel like I'd need some good aluminum baker plates to make that work and it would be less versatile than a track system. thanks
  11. That is the standard leaf spring pack on the HD's. The overload spring, if you were to have it has two bump stops mounted on the frame.
  12. So I'm on the fence ragrding new wheels. The styles I like either have too much offset or are the wrong lug pattern for the time being I'm going to keep the stock 17" alluminum wheels. I just hate how the center caps look. They are a cone/pyramid shape. I think I can get the look I want by painting the wheels black and putting on chrome cylindrical shaped center caps. Anyone know how I can find these? I'm struggling and have admittedly weak google-fu. thanks
  13. I assume the tire shop will know how to relearn the system? when I rotate my tires...how do I get te system to relearn?
  14. Hey all looking to go to aftermarket wheels on my truck. Am I able to put the TPMS sensors from my stock wheels on the new ones? Where are they located? I assume I need to remove the tire from the rim. will the sensors need to be re calibrated? I'm going from 31" tires on 17" rims to 35" tires on 18" rims. both are E rated and will run at same psi as stock thanks
  15. Realtruck.com My experience

    Never had any issues with realtruck or etrailer over the course of multiple orders with each

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