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  1. Anyone here achieve a higher rear end by adding a leaf to the spring pack? I'm not really interested in blocks. I'd like to gain 1-2" of lift in the rear and i was wondering if it was feasible to purchase a leaf or two to do so? At first i thought maybe a 3500HD spring pack but i believe they sit at the same height as the 2500's. Thanks
  2. Gearhead, what diff drop spacers and shock spacers are you using? What UCA's? Are they grease-able? Were you able to install these on your own at home or will i need to shop this out? Thank you
  3. This is exactly the look i'm going for my man. Great job. Are you using front shock extenders? What brand? Same with you gearheadsw, i need help picking up a set as i accumulate all the parts i need. I have the stock 17" alloy's. I'm keeping an eye out for a set of stock 18"s someone is trying to offload. Have about 10k more miles before my stock tires give up the ghost and i'm ready for new shoes. I like the idea of running the stock wheels as the aftermarket has little to no options for positive offset wheels. I think with 285 width, the stock +44 keeps them right at the edge of the wheel well while maintaining clearance for the frame and steering components.
  4. Greed, all around. The C-suite AND the UAW management. Who is stuck in the middle? The consumer (You, I, and the union workers busting ass to float all this). Without a hard reset, this country is doomed. In our quest as a country to maintain top dog status we have become blinded. Yes, profits, year over year growth, and modest inflation are important, but that should stem from increased demand due to accessibility and innovation...not corner cutting and over inflated prices, which further compound the problem with wages as we fight to continue to afford the things we want/need. When is enough enough? $21m/yr is excessive. It is a hard job, but that is enough money a year to cover neighborhoods of families' living expenses. So is $60k a year to work a mindless job on a plant floor when the median household income for our country is $50kish. Yes there is pecking order. The entry level should make entry level wages and up the ladder you go, but the spread in pay is astounding and excessive, further compounding the problems we face as those in power do not want admit that less could in fact mean more for this country as a whole. I'm sickened sitting in my cubicle listening to the C suite chatter with the finance and accounting teams about cutting this, cutting that, overloading their remaining worker bees and artificially manipulating their stock prices. How about put some skin in the game, show you are suffering with the group and cut your own wages to a more modest, yet still comfortable level. The moral boost and, to a degree, guilt felt by the remaining work force could carry any company through the hardest of times. Lead by example. Well since we all abhor socialism, and rightfully so, we only have one option as the American consumer. Vote with our wallets and stay vocal. Do not feed the beast by purchasing foreign made. Do not support the top heavy C-suite, shareholder first, attitude. Show that what we want are products built by Americans, ones not held hostage by a unions because they don't need to be, because they are recognized and treated fairly by the companies they serve. Men and women proud to work because they know they are part of a team which has their back. This can reverse the deadly path we have been wandering now for far too long.
  5. Is the UCA install something you did on your own? Something I can do in my driveway? Also, don't forget to keep all your zerks greased! keep all your ball joints nice and healthy. Wish I could grease the joints on my body like I can on my truck!
  6. What you're looking for is if the boot touches itself because of the angle. That will wear the boot out and let water/debris in. The upper control arm, correct me if I'm wrong, only changes the clearance of the UCA and bump stop...To fix your CV angles, which I think look fine, you need differential drop spacers.
  7. My buddy got wound up in the status symbol thing...paid the extra ~10k for the diesel option...of course he had to have the Denali trim...doesn't even own a trailer LOL. Most he's ever hauled in the bed was a few mountain bikes. His money though. He's happy is all that matters
  8. My 6.0 gets 10-11mpg towing anything...Single dirtbike on three rail trailer...2Klb aluminum boat...or 14' enclosed trailer. I chose gas for the higher hauling capacity as that is the trucks primary purpose I get anywhere from 13-17mpg empty depending on the season Only ever drive 65mph
  9. Love my 6.0. I bought my 16 new in December of 16...Reg Cab, one step above W/T (LT maybe? SL? debadged on day one so don't recall) for $31k out the door.
  10. Also the repairs you mention are one and done for a while. With new vehicle prices the way they are you may be a much happier man fixing up your ride and living payment free.
  11. It's more than likely rusting from the inside out. If you don't want to drive a rusty vehicle I'd sell it. Don't feel bad, mine is two years old and has surface rust on the frame already.
  12. That's a lotta truck to take out into the forest! Holy smokes I like the bumper. Can't wait to get mine installed on my regular cab "cabin" rig.
  13. Rather, why would GM sell 3/4 tons without them? i couldn't imagine not having the split mirrors on my truck. I mostly haul but with my tool box and the tall nature of the truck I can't check blind spots in the conventional manner (I have a reg cab). With my split mirrors I have zero blind spot and need to remind myself to turn my head to check my blind spot when I'm driving my jeep lol. anyone here have regular mirrors on their HD? Do they work ok? Why would GM do this? Gas mileage? thanks
  14. What do you mean getting your shocks built?? those tires/size will look great on your truck
  15. Good to know they're supposed to ooze a bit. I really love the ability to service the joints ourselves. The front end better last long with all the effort! Does the Ford 3/4 have grease able ball joints too or is it a different setup with it being a solid front axle? I looked under my wrangler a while back and couldn't find any grease fittings
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