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  1. Where's my dippers at??

  2. I have a regular cab with non powered seats so I was unable to adjust the height of the seat. Not enough leg room for me on my 4 hour commute to my cabin. I ended up finding a thick foam pad and stuffed it under a carhartt seat cover. I'm 6' and now have plenty of leg room and no head room issues. you may want to play around with this idea as it was cheap and easy and worked for me
  3. Hey all, I need suggestions for a tie down system for my bed. I have a weather tech tool box which blocks use of 5 tie down points in the front of the bed. Very important when I want to secure my two dirtbikes. Was thinking about maybe a track system mounted to the bed rail but the rail seems kinda flimsy. Also see some bed floor mounted options online. Anyone here using a tracked tie down system? I'm really nervous about drilling into my bed so suggestions for install would also be helpful. Im not averse to adding tie down points on the face of the tool box either if you have suggestions there. Feel like I'd need some good aluminum baker plates to make that work and it would be less versatile than a track system. thanks
  4. That is the standard leaf spring pack on the HD's. The overload spring, if you were to have it has two bump stops mounted on the frame.
  5. So I'm on the fence ragrding new wheels. The styles I like either have too much offset or are the wrong lug pattern for the time being I'm going to keep the stock 17" alluminum wheels. I just hate how the center caps look. They are a cone/pyramid shape. I think I can get the look I want by painting the wheels black and putting on chrome cylindrical shaped center caps. Anyone know how I can find these? I'm struggling and have admittedly weak google-fu. thanks
  6. I assume the tire shop will know how to relearn the system? when I rotate my tires...how do I get te system to relearn?
  7. Hey all looking to go to aftermarket wheels on my truck. Am I able to put the TPMS sensors from my stock wheels on the new ones? Where are they located? I assume I need to remove the tire from the rim. will the sensors need to be re calibrated? I'm going from 31" tires on 17" rims to 35" tires on 18" rims. both are E rated and will run at same psi as stock thanks
  8. Realtruck.com My experience

    Never had any issues with realtruck or etrailer over the course of multiple orders with each
  9. Put Truck To Work Recently

    That is interesting. Maybe the springs grew tired after the drive? What's the payload on that truck? 2k?
  10. 03 Quadrasteer

    Welcome! How do you like the quadrasteer feature? Never gotten to see one in action
  11. Satellite Antenna Leak

    I just added a bit of silicon to mine where there is a gap in the gasket. I can't believe they put that breather hole at the top they should put it on the bottom to act as a drain
  12. Truck sag while towing

    I'd go with sumo springs in addition to the WDH. Remeber that truck is empty right now. I assume it's full of family when you go camping
  13. Wow, great test! 1.5 mpg is definitely substantial for such a small change. How do you have the bar wired? Do the wires run into the truck through the third brake light?
  14. I think it's because you went zero offset wheels. The 285/70/17 you have on look perfect. For the leveled truck. Fill in the wheel wells but leave you room for flex when out on the trails. did you install the UCA yourself?
  15. Chevy Teases Photo of 2020 Silverado 3500HD

    What's been revelaed so far looks great. I'm still sticking to my guns and will drive my 2016 into dust (not very difficult living in the salt Capitol, Michigan. This new truck will be tempting though. Are the current marker lights not LED? I could swear mine are LED but the marker lamps in my mirror caps are regular.

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