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  1. Hello, I have a 2017 GMC 1500 with the 5.3 V8 ecotec engine. After a long run and the truck is nice and warm, I've noticed that there is an intermittent shudder when the truck idles. It is barely noticeable when cold, but after running a while, it becomes very apparent. Its a slight shudder every 2-3 seconds. I popped the hood and noticed that on the passenger side of the engine, near the air box, there is a slight whistle that is constant. I also noticed the 1 second click (I assume is the direct injection) is much louder than it used to be. Then I noticed on the drivers side of the engine, there is more rapid clicking from the engine. It is under warranty. The dealer says its either "normal" or "can't reproduce problem". I've opened a ticket with GM directly but they have been slow to get back to me. Any ideas one what these symptoms could mean? BT
  2. I contacted GM directly and asked them to contact my dealership. Not sure what will come from that. Does GM even know how to fix this issue, assuming they even acknowledge it?
  3. I've have this issue as well. First time I took it back to the dealer and they acknowledged the noise. They said they tightened the U-bolts and put grease on and the noise was gone. As I was driving it out of the lot, the noise was still there, so I immediately drove it back with the same problem. Later that day I got a call back. I went in to get the truck and the same guy (who apparently didn't remember me) gave me the EXACT same line about tightening U-bolts and putting on grease. It was surreal. It was almost like he was reading from a script. It was verbatim word-for-word exactly what he had told me earlier. When I drove the truck away, the noise was gone, but it came back a few months later. I took the truck back to the dealer for the third time. They had it for half a day before they called me and said the noise was corrected. So when I arrived at the dealership to pick it up, they said that they couldn't reproduce the noise and that I should "keep an eye on it". I asked them why they said they had corrected the noise on the telephone, and he said he had no knowledge of that. The noise was apparent as soon as I left the parking lot. I drove it around the block and then immediately back into the dealer, when I chose to wait for a service rep to do a ride along. He refused to ride with me and said that GM wouldn't warranty the noise because it wasn't a safety issue and because the noise was within normal tolerance. Unfortunately the next closest dealer is a bit of a drive. So there you have it folks. Apparently my dealer is populated by morons, but GM won't warranty strange noises from the suspension. The frustrating thing is this is going to effect sales or trade-in prospects. I guess I'm off tot he bicycle shop for an inner-tube. Can someone post pictures of exactly what they did to make this go away?
  4. Moderators. There are now agencies from two countries investigating this issue, and a extended service notice has now been issued to all effected owners. There are likely to be further developments. Any chance of getting a sticky?
  5. I got this notice too. I swear to god GM has done everything in their power to ensure that I get no enjoyment out of this stupid truck. I'm a year and a half driving my 2017 Sierra and I've already decided its the last GM product I ever buy. Failed condenser and they give me a hassle. If the dealer hadn't pressed on my behalf, GM would have told me to get bent (and I'm still under warranty). They tried to get out of fixing my condenser because of "irregular oil changes". I basically follow the computer rather than the schedule. My truck shakes, rattles, thunks, shudders and makes strange noises and GM tells me its all normal. Then I finally decide to ignore all that and try to live with it (cause I'm never going to get it fixed under warranty) and they send me a note in the mail telling me my brake pump has a high probability of failing and there is nothing they are going to do about it to prevent it. My wife won't drive the truck anymore. She doesn't feel safe. I'm not the swearing type, but seriously, F**k GM!
  6. Try CAMVAP. In fact, I would encourage this for all Canadians who received this notice, whether you are experiencing the issue or not. Just the fact that this bulletin exists is a safety concern, and will effect the resale value of the truck. Also try CBC marketplace (although they are pretty lazy with followups) and your local news stations. Apparently GM has known about this issue for a while and is only just doing something about it now. As another poster assumes, they must be feeling the heat. More press is good. Seriously consider this for a moment. There is a realistic probability that your trucks brakes not work properly sometime in the future. How is this not an instant recall? Your first impulse may be to go with a class action, but its harder in Canada to get that going. You are better off hitting them where they hurt: Future sales. I've known some people to spend nice sunny weekends in a camping chair outside their local dealership, showing their recall notices and bulletins to anyone who walks in. I'm not that committed. ;) The dealer may call the police on you, but as long as you aren't creating a nuisance or obstructing anything, they can't do much to you. Edit: So I contacted Transport Canada's Motor Vehicles Safety and Recalls Department ( 1-800-333-0510) and left a message. They actually called me back! I spoke with the representative their, who said they are actively investigating this issue. They confirmed they do have the authority to require that GM issue a recall, but right now they are only investigating. The main concern is with the brakes suddenly and unexpectedly changing their performance characteristics during maneuvers where that could be dangerous. I expressed to him that this was my concern. I'm not so worried about cost as I am about my brakes suddenly requiring more force than usual. He agreed it was a concern, but did not indicate as to whether it was enough of a concern to justify a safety recall. I would advise any Canadian on this thread to contact Transport Canada and voice your concern, especially if you have experienced this issue.
  7. Rough Idle Solved!

    I would like to know this as well. A picture would be great. Also, has anyone tried the CRC spray?
  8. Android Auto Issue

    Yeah. Those are the same ones I have. They are all I use. I bought the red ones too so I could quickly differentiate them from all my other cables. They are high bandwidth and practically indestructible, and if you do manage to destroy them, they are cheap to replace. They also support fast (~1-2amp) charging, if your phone has that.
  9. Android Auto Issue

    That's not as silly as it sounds. I couldn't get mine to work until I switched it. The shorter the better (less resistance on the wire) and I wouldn't use any gauge wire higher (thinner) than 21AWG. The cheaper ones are 24AWG and don't transmit as well. Android auto requires the transmission of a lot of simultaneous power and data. Google the Anker Powerline+ series. They are inexpensive on amazon. They are braided, so they can take being pinched in the lid of the center console. Its the one I'm using, so I know it works.
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I've heard this as well. I've never owned a Dodge, but I know people who have. They have all had issues, but the issues they have are really strange. One guy I work with took his new (<1 year) Ram out on a hunting trip up in the boonies. On his way up, out of cellular range, the trucks computer says there is a problem and starts counting down until the truck will shut itself off. The truck was running fine. It was the computer that decided to shut the truck down. I didn't even know that was a thing. He ended up having to bum a ride into civilization to call a tow. Ruined his trip. Another guy I know was driving his Ram and his turn signal would randomly come on. It led to a lot of confusion. One other girl I know who bought an older ram (pre-Fiat) had her steering lock up while driving. Scared her so bad she refused to drive it again. I don't blame her. I've heard other strange stuff. What I've heard and seen is that Rams have great engines (especially diesels), but nearly everything else on the truck is a hot mess. The quality of truck notwithstanding, everyone I know have all said Chrysler/Dodge was really nice to deal with. The absolute opposite of nearly everything I'm hearing from people who have to deal with GM.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I disagree. All brands do have their issues, but to say that is kind of false equivalency. I think the term "whataboutism" is in vogue right now, and it would apply here. GM (as a company; ignoring individual dealers) has been notoriously dismissive (and even if a couple cases, legally negligent) towards their customers in support of their products. People have literally died because of GM's dismissive attitude and tendency to band-aid serious issues. I don't know that I can say that of any other vehicle company in the last three decades. Go to the most heavily trafficked Ford, Toyota, or even Chrysler forums and try to find a single issue on current vehicle design with a 800 page thread and 4 years of history....and yet still no concrete solution. There are a number of issues with this design of truck that GM has just sat on and offered no permanent solution. GM has completely crapped the bed with this model of truck, and customers deserve the right to call them out on it. It also may be the GM truck enthusiast forum, but its the troubleshooting section. And since the shake is an issue that GM can't (or won't) seem to be able to troubleshoot, I feel people have a right to complain and consider other brands.
  12. Heh. Its pretty bad when you have to differentiate between clunks in a brand new truck. Based on what you describe, the issue is your leaf springs. The pads they put in between the leafs are brittle and stop absorbing the friction after a little while. GM is masking the noise with grease hoping you will go away until the warranty expires. Failing that they will pivot to taking the position the the clunking noise is normal for the suspension and refuse to escalate the repair until you twist their arm legally. I suppose they do have a point. Clunking noises seem to be normal for everything else on this truck.
  13. That may be how I address it too. Won't be a GM though. That being said, there is no promise that the 2019 models won't use the same shoddy condenser.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    You must be new to the internet. I chalk it up to insecurities. Some people make the brands they buy as a part of their core identity, so an attack on that brand is an attack on them personally. Some of it is sunken cost fallacy too. People spend a lot of money on these trucks, so it takes a lot of humility to acknowledge you may have made a mistake on how you spent that money. Its almost like admitting you got conned. Not an easy thing to do publicly. Whatever causes it, brand loyalty is rampant here. All you can do is ignore it. That being said, its logical to expect some disapproval coming into a GM forum and announcing you just bought a Toyota. Sometimes the best solution is just to jump ship and not look back.
  15. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Congrats on your purchase. Big decision, but I'm sure you will never regret it.

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