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  1. XPEL or 3M pro?

    How does it handle the love bugs?
  2. Air intake

    Pinch it some times, to let the bugs out, it also captures or separates the rain water. You can turn it and take it out to get the mice out.
  3. The trailer connections changed on 2003 Yukons and suburbans midway through the year. I found this out when the pigtail for the brake controller didn't work, had to get a different one from prodigy. GM changed the pins in the place you plug the pigtail in.
  4. Nice update, keep em coming.
  5. No left low beam

    What type of light is it, if HID the ballast could be bad. I assume the continuity through bulb is ok?
  6. Issue with apps..

    You still have data left correct?
  7. On hard surfaces they will bind, unless it's the awd version. The outside wheel has to travel farther in a turn than the inside wheel. If it's fully locked it can't do that without something slipping. Be it the tires slipping on the ground or something slipping in your transfer case.
  8. Splines are lined up, right?
  9. I use sea foam in some stuff, mostly lawn mower gas and occasionally in a ford tbird. Some one on another thread or maybe forum had done an experiment on different additives and came to the conclusion it was not good. But what happened to you, I don't think had any thing to do with the sea foam. Good luck, there was another couple threads Where others have had this happen.
  10. 3 Camera System

    I don't have one, but I did research it and will probably get it when a gooseneck trailer shows up. But after it's installed the normal backup is the default, then you select the chsml camera by touching the screen.
  11. Airing down

    Stock size tires? Road tread? Mud Tires? If sand on beach is hard, you probably don't have to, if it's really soft you'll probably get stuck either way.
  12. Not a split screen I believe, just touch the screen to swap cameras.
  13. But if you don't have a weight distribution hitch, or need one because your tongue weight isn't too much, it does work pretty good. If I ever get a goose neck, I'll get the gen-y add on for it also.
  14. 1997 Sierra 1500 blower motor quit?

    Same thing happened on my 2010 canyon. Common problem, just spliced a wire around the connector instead of buying new harness. Works good now.
  15. I have one on my 3500 drw. It works pretty good, but it is huge. THe ride is better than a straight type hitch. I pull a 4 horse bumper pull that weighs bout 12000 lbs loaded. Before I got the 3500 we pulled it with a 2003 Yukon Xl. I wish they still made a suburban that could pull that much. I also pull a buddies boat when we go fishing. He now has a 2500 dodge diesel. With just a straight hitch. Big bumps in a few construction areas we hardly noticed in my truck. Definitely much more see sawing in his truck. I'm sure part of it is the truck, and part of it is the hitch.

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