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  1. I use a 5 amp battery tender on my 2018. Used it 4 days straight like this. It started normally.
  2. Probably a bad connection somewhere in injector circuit, but could be ecm.
  3. I think the subwoofer and other electronic boxes are mounted under center console. That's why certain options aren't available with the bench seat.
  4. If you just wanted to slink along at a slow pace, the one position in 4 low is kinda like a creeper gear on a tractor. You could get out and walk beside it without it shifting into second and making you trot.
  5. Also there may be scales closer than you think. Try your local dump sight, they sometimes charge by the weight dumped. That’s where I had to go to weigh a trailer with out of state plates to get registered.
  6. 85 psi is not enough. My trailer tires run 110 psi.
  7. They should have kept developing the quadrasteer. It would be perfect for the cclb.
  8. I switch mine on every time, towing or not.
  9. SRW 3500's may have tire pressure monitor but the DRW 's dont.
  10. Or have congress rein them in some. After warranty has expired, should be mine to do with as I please. Coal rollers didn't help.
  11. Had it in an 03 Yukon xl. Supposed to have been fixed in 08.
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