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  1. Also there may be scales closer than you think. Try your local dump sight, they sometimes charge by the weight dumped. That’s where I had to go to weigh a trailer with out of state plates to get registered.
  2. 85 psi is not enough. My trailer tires run 110 psi.
  3. They should have kept developing the quadrasteer. It would be perfect for the cclb.
  4. I switch mine on every time, towing or not.
  5. SRW 3500's may have tire pressure monitor but the DRW 's dont.
  6. Or have congress rein them in some. After warranty has expired, should be mine to do with as I please. Coal rollers didn't help.
  7. Had it in an 03 Yukon xl. Supposed to have been fixed in 08.
  8. Pinch it some times, to let the bugs out, it also captures or separates the rain water. You can turn it and take it out to get the mice out.
  9. The trailer connections changed on 2003 Yukons and suburbans midway through the year. I found this out when the pigtail for the brake controller didn't work, had to get a different one from prodigy. GM changed the pins in the place you plug the pigtail in.
  10. What type of light is it, if HID the ballast could be bad. I assume the continuity through bulb is ok?
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